MAW kicks off in London on Monday with another awesome group of startups joining the event. Once again, the diversity of the participants is outstanding. The companies range from an archiving service to a home cooking app to a video surveillance company. This is a small but mighty group of participants who are looking forward to a week packed full of development, consulting, and presentations. Make sure to check out this week’s participants:


archify is a ground-breaking new service created to tackle the information overload crisis. archify archives everything you see on the web or in your social stream (Facebook, Twitter etc) – then lets you search it quickly. The tool is seamlessly integrated into most browsers and runs automatically, so there’s no need to bookmark or manually save information.


Whisk revolutionizes home cooking. Whisk makes it simple for a user to take any recipe they find on the Internet, tailor it to their tastes and needs and then purchase the ingredients they need, either in store or via online supermarkets. The mobile application will allow a user to manage their home cooking experience from their mobile devices. This includes finding and bookmarking recipes, creating shopping lists, viewing previously created shopping lists as well as checking out their shopping list via online supermarkets.

Milestone Systems Bulgaria Ltd.

Milestone Systems is an international company that sells video surveillance management software in many countries around the world. The Milestone Systems platform is used to ensure greater safety and security for people, products and assets, to help manage environmental issues, and to optimize business processes.

Frootfal Media

Frootfal provides consumers with a simply more rewarding online shopping experience. Available to members who buy online using PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones, the service provides a seamless, secure and non‐intrusive way for smart people to shop and earn great rewards using any device, anywhere, anytime. The Frootfal App provides the user with a secure, easy to use online shopping experience.  The App is design led, providing intuitive ease of use, cross platform familiarity and simplicity whilst having that ‘cool’ feel.


Base was founded in 2009 by Uzi Shmilovici, Pawel Niznik, Bart Kiszala, Ela Madej and Agata Mazur. Everyone has found it unbelievably hard to find great software products that will help people manage small businesses. Base aims to build the next generation of CRM to make millions of people more productive.

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly was founded with a simple goal: to make wireless connectivity easier than ever. Founded in Norwich in 2012, the company has gone from two guys with an audacious idea to a growing team working on a revolutionary product that will change the wireless industry.

                  Hailo Cab

Use Hailo to get a black cab wherever you are, whenever you want. All it takes is two taps on your iPhone or AndroidPhone. Pay cash or card, with no charges above the meter. Hailo Cab has raised $20M from an all star cast of investors including Accel Partners, Wellington Partners, and Atomico Ventures.

Needless to say, we have a great lineup for the week! As always, the event will be streamed live via Twitter. If Mobile Acceleration Week sounds interesting to you or someone you know, don’t forget to apply. Find out more about the application process here or on the MAW homepage.