Guest post by Vizibility. Vizibility is currently working on a mobile app, is a member of the BizSpark program, and was featured as a BizSpark Startup of the Day

Companies are tired of being held hostage by search engine results. During the next decade, one of the fastest-growing challenges facing organizations will be managing and tracking the online identities of their professionals. Organizations face serious economic consequences when their people cannot be found online… or when what’s found isn’t accurate. Organizations are starting to reject the notion that ‘you are who search engines say you are’ by instead pro-actively curating, packaging and distributing rich online content about their people.

Vizibility helps organizations control, share and track the professional online presence for their people to make an accurate, powerful and lasting impression. The hub of Vizibility’s solution is the Mobile Business Card, a unique mobile micro-site for each person in an organization.

Built on .NET, Vizibility delivers the world’s first enterprise-ready online identity management platform, offering a complete line of identity management tools designed to help individuals and enterprises optimize their online presence for mobile viewing, control search results, and enable mobile networking and information exchange.

Vizibility leverages personal QR codes, NFC mobile wallet cards, Microsoft Tags, and SearchMeTM buttons and links that instantly lead people looking for information about someone to that person’s hand-picked Google search results, online bios, videos, portfolios or other user-defined content. Hand-picked Bing results are coming soon.

Vizibility gives individual users and enterprise admins the tools and business intelligence analytics they need to track and manage online identity-related activities, including alerts and geo tracking capabilities to let users know when they have been scanned or searched, and the interested party’s organization name, organization type and location. The company provides personal search results monitoring tools to track changes in page rankings, and personal Google AdWords campaigns to optimize results.

With hundreds of millions of smartphones in use worldwide and about half of all searches now originating on a mobile device, Vizibility is committed to delivering the tools users need to make a killer first impression in the mobile space, including mobile-optimized microsites and wireless mobile information exchange capabilities. The Vizibility team is proud to be a part of the BizSpark Program and welcomes feedback and suggestions.