MAW is making a media splash! Just check out some of out great MAW alum in the news:

  • Soundtracker, a free online music streaming service, attended MAW in New York City last fall. Daniele Calabrese, the founder and CEO of the company, was recently featured by Nokia’s developer program on Youtube.
  • The location-based application, Echoecho, was chosen to present at Mobile World Congress. The company was chosen at the AppCircus event in London to be a part of the Mobile Premier Awards. Echoecho participated in MAW San Francisco.
  • Rdio is making quite a media splash with their recent expansion into Germany, Australia, Spain, and Portugal. COO, Carter Adamson, recently gave an interview about the expansion into Australia. Rdio is a subscription based stream music service that attended MAW in San Francisco.
  • Media Friends, a social hub that empowers consumers to text across multiple platforms, released a Windows Phone app. The app, Heywire, garnered media attention and a large number of downloads within the first day. Media Friends came to the MAW event in New York City.
  • Nine MAW startups were chosen as great new apps by Wired. The list included: Stitcher, Skedi, News 360, News Republic, WNM Live, inTooch, CitySourced, Echoecho, and Rdio.
  • DoAt, a mobile-optimized search application, attended MAW in Israel. The company recently launched a beta version of, or “the everything project.” The goal is to build a mobile app that give consumers access to whatever they want instantly.
  • News360 recently released an update to their popular app on Marketplace. In a recent interview, CEO Roman Karachinsky said the updated app has a more simplistic look than it does on other platforms. The company also made news as the first Russian-based company to publish an app for the Windows 8 preview.
  • Mobiles Republic, a San Francisco MAW company, published a Windows 8 app for preview. The app, News Republic , allows users to personalize and build their own news channels. The company also recently closed an impressive $3 million Series A funding round.

The MAW team packs their bags and heads to London June 25-29. As always, the event will be streamed live via Twitter. If Mobile Acceleration Week sounds interesting to you or someone you know, don’t forget to apply. Find out more about the application process here or on the MAW homepage.