Throughout the past few months, MAW has traveled around the world. With an event in China next week, the team is gearing up for some more intensive development (and fun!). Each event, MAW brings together a great group of developers and entrepreneurs eager to bring their app idea to Windows Phone. While the week entails hard work, startups are quick to jump at the chance to attend MAW. From the presentations to the UI/UX consulting to the development time, past participants have some great things to say about their experience. Read on for some comments from our Moscow and Bangalore participants:

  • “We never thought of Windows Phone, but this event changed our perceptions completely and we love the new Windows Phone.”
  • “We had no Windows Phone development background. If we hadn’t been invited, we probably wouldn’t have done an app.”
  • “Thank you for a great jumpstart week at MAW. It has certainly helped us accelerate our product development for Windows Phone.”
  • “The support has been outstanding. MAW was an amazing experience for our startup.”
  • “Having no prior experience on the platform, we were surprised at how much we accomplished! Thanks for all the assistance and support.”
  • “It helped us understand the Windows Phone, especially how to build our app with the Metro UI.”
  • “We appreciate the commitment shown by the MS team towards helping a startup like ours.”
  • “First of all: metro design concept, simplicity of iconographies. Frankness of realization, in four days it is possible to make a working app with front end and back end. The third: a direct way of promotion through marketplace. These are three key points.”
  • “Our developers had no experience but in four days made an app, and the prototype is already working! It seems to me that everyone who wants to start to create mobile applications should begin with Windows Phone.”
  • “The new platform is pleasant because the interface works very quickly. Thanks to animation, it gives the impression that everything simply flies. And of course, settings, subjects, new approach. I now believe there will be a worthy competitor of iOS.”
  • “Windows Phone allows you to create stylish and various apps from a functional point of view. I’ve already created a working app during MAW and plan to launch it on Windows Phone Marketplace very soon.”

And, if you speak Russian, you can watch firsthand what our MAW Moscow participants had to say: