Guest post by Flud. Flud attended MAW New York City and was featured as a BizSpark Startup of the Day.  

When we first saw the Windows Phone interface, we knew we needed to get Flud onto Metro. The sleek design calls for a truly beautiful news reader and only Flud fits the bill. Flud’s already been called “the sexy news app” by users on iOS, but simply porting our existing app over wasn’t the answer. To complicate things further, our app on iOS has been through a major evolution over the past year and a half, so developing for Windows needed to wait for the optimal time, based on meeting needs of the current market and iterating the product until it is solid.

Here’s a quick history: In August 2010, we launched the first version of Flud on the iPad. A few months later, we brought it to the iPhone. At this point, Flud was just a beautiful RSS reader, which won us a few awards. Our users were happy, but we knew news discovery was shifting further to social. The web app we toyed with launching kept getting pushed aside as we saw demand for mobile news rise dramatically. So, we dedicated ourselves to making the best social news experience on mobile.

The popularity of apps like Instagram and Spotify showed us that people want a separate platform for each type of media, a unique community for photo sharing and a unique community for sharing music. Would people want an intimate network for sharing news? In December 2011, Flud 2.0 was launched, making Flud the first next-generation news platform, the first truly social news network.

This is the platform we are about to launch on Windows Phone. It is not only one of the most beautiful apps you’ll find on Windows, but it is also a front-runner in the news industry that addresses how people can discover the most interesting and best content. Want to know a bit more about the product? Here are a few key features that no other app offers:

  • Create a niche community: Flud is a social platform by default. You can follow friends from Facebook and Twitter, or discover other Fluders who like the same news and blogs. Then, “Flud” the best stories for each other.
  • The Flud Stream: All the best news articles, videos and more, in one constantly updated stream.
  • Social reading: Instantly see how popular a story is. See who else is reading an article right on the page.
  • Personal accounts: You can sync between devices if you already have Flud, or if you’re using a shared device, each person can have their own personalized Flud.

Would you consider yourself a “news personality”? On Flud, that’s what you become. We think the news you read says a lot about who you are, and Flud is a place that intrinsically expresses that. This is what makes Flud unique and truly social.

We’ve been lucky enough to be selected by Microsoft for their Acceleration Week and enjoyed their ongoing support during our developing process. And now, we’re proud to say that Flud looks fantastic in Metro — this was indeed meant to be. We hope you’ll love the release and we are always available for questions, ideas and feedback.