Congratulations to News360 for being selected for a BizSpark Startup of the Day feature!

News360 is a next-generation news personalization and aggregation service. Or, in the words of Roman Karachinsky, the CEO & Co-founder, News360 “understands your interests and brings you content that is fresh, important and personally interesting to you.”

Since attending MAW in San Francisco last year, the employees of News360 have been hard at work. The company released a wildly popular Windows Phone newsreader app that has received praise from users and critics alike. The smooth and sleek interface has gained attention from multiple media sources such as Semantic Web and Wired.

The members of News360 were also featured as guest speakers at the MAW Moscow event. The company was also selected as a member of the BizSpark One program.

Since the release of their Windows Phone app, the company got right to work on a Windows 8 Preview app. News360 was the first Russian app created and published for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The company was also highlighted in a Windows Azure case study.

Congratulations again to News360 on their success!