MAW Bangalore came to a close last week.  On Thursday’s Demo Day, we experienced a lot of “wow” moments as many of the 17 startups demoed thier apps after only three days of development work.  During the demo, each startup had an opportunity to present in front of a panel of judges that included:

  • Vikas Arora, Group Director – Operator Channels – Microsoft
  • Gerard Rego – Director EDX –  Nokia India
  • Brian Hoskins – Director  – Microsoft
  • Harish Vaidyanathan – Director – Evangelism Microsoft DPE

Demo Time

Discussing their 3 day app development

In addition, several of the companies hadn’t developed on the Microsoft platform prior to the week itself.   You could hear the excitement from the companies:

  • “We never thought of Windows Phone, but this event changed our perceptions completely and love the new cool Windows Phone.”
  • “We had no Windows Phone development experience.  If we hadn’t been invited here, we probably wouldn’t have done an app.  We are glad we did.”
  • “We got up to speed quickly because of this week.  We like what we see.”

The startups made a lot of progress this week, and we were impressed with the level of creativity and technical skills the startups here demonstrated. While each company is in a different stage of development, these apps will be great additions to Windows Phone. Be sure to check Marketplace over the coming weeks to download the new MAW Bangalore apps.

Where’s the next stop for the MAW tour? Beijing and Shanghai! The event guarantees to be another great week of development, networking, and learning. Stay tuned!

India Acceleration Week in pictures

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