Day three in Bangalore kicked off with more quality development time. The companies have been making impressive progress this week and are excited to present tomorrow at demo day, where they will have a chance to show their work in front of Microsoft and Nokia execs.

Wireframing an app

Rajinish Menon, Director, DPE Microsoft India, presented on Microsoft BizSpark, while the rest of the day was spent in 1:1 sessions with Motivity and iLink, as well as 1:1 business and technical consulting sessions.

Some of the issues we’ve helped with this week are: API support, UI design reviews, Marketplace strategies, and channel support.  Startups worked late into the night in preparation for the big day tomorrow. The atmosphere this week has been electric, rivaling and perhaps surpassing the enthusiasm around the IPL cricket matches in town. (In fact, we have an app for that.)

Still hard at work

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