Our sixth international Mobile Acceleration Week event this year visits Asia this week with a stop in Bangalore, India.  The event features 17 companies representing a diverse set of apps, from yoga coaching to enterprise services.  The creative concepts represent well the Indian entrepreneurship spirit.  Congratulations to the participants!

VDIme Innovative Works

1000Lookz app was designed to help women check out the best shades for their skin tones right on their own photos, try out various hairstyles and various colors, highlights and lowlights before finally going to purchase thus saving them money and time.


Switch on to a new TV Experience with TV Buddy! Share and discuss what you are watching with friends, discover new content with TV Buddy.


Our application will enable bus travel in India with b2b and b2c technology solutions. Travelyaari.com is the b2c website that does bus ticket search and booking for more than 10,000 routes across the country.


TravelTriangle is an ecommerce platform which helps travelers create and customize tour packages with the help of agents local to the destination that have best deals and services.

Shapia Software Solutions

This lite version on yoga by Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga, one of the leading yoga brands in the world. This app contains basic information on Asanas, Pranayama, Kriya, Bandhas. This app will help you practice yoga anywhere & anytime.


“Cricgamble” is a social game based on cricket. It involves speculation on live cricket matches. Users can do virtual betting, challenge friends and brag about their success. It also has various interesting gaming components like banks, antigambling agencies which help accelerate and decelerate the progress in game.

Apalya Technologies

Apalya Technologies is India’s leading content aggregation, provisioning and distribution platform in the Mobile Video Delivery space.

FieldEZ Technologies

FieldEZ is a mobile based solution that makes managing field sales or service teams very efficient and easy. It enables call scheduling, location tracking, on mobile call update & closure and remote attendance with integration to payment terminals, Fingerprint Scanners and mobile printers.


This is the leading online retailer in India with a goal to be the one-stop website carrying the largest selection of products at the lowest cost with the best customer experience.


Vangal develops Hey Maya, a Virtual Personal Assistant that does tasks for you that you don’t like to do yourself. Tasks include filing expense reports, booking appointments and calendar management and contact address book management.


NowFloats™ is a real-time information sharing platform for consumers and businesses.  Accessed through mobile apps on SmartPhones, it enables creation and consumption of location-relevant information including what’s happening around and what are people thinking.


FunMango is a platform for customer engagement and digital marketing. Using a single platform, businesses can now allow their customers to interact with their products & services through multiple channels in a fun, interactive way.


Taxi Ordering marketplace for all types of cabs and car rentals.  You enter your city, your needs and Ola! Searches the partner inventory to provide you with a list of results and prices of different cars and operators.


In Beet Route, we are focused on alleviating traffic congestion. We understand the frustration of spending those precious morning and evening hours in traffic, and we want to reduce those hours.


Funtoot is an intelligent personalized tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner. It is driven by a powerful AI algorithm that constantly measures and improves a student’s performance based on each student’s unique capabilities.

Althea Systems

We bring rich, personalized experience to the web through Shufflr, a social video discovery service. Shufflr is available as apps for your desktop, web, Facebook & mobile. People from over 160 countries are experiencing Shufflr everyday.


MangoSense is an effort to provide information to people in a way that makes sense. With a focus on instinct, collaboration and creativity, it radically improves the way people find and consume information on the web.

We are looking forward to working with all these companies this week to produce some cool and exciting new Windows Phone 7 Apps. Let the app building begin!