Day three of MAW Moscow offered the attendees two simultaneous development tracks to choose from: design and coding or PR and Marketing. The heavy snow caused a delay to the start of the day, but we hit the ground running as soon as everyone was able to make their way to the office. The morning began with a presentation by Konstantin Kichinsky, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Russia. Konstantin spoke on the User Interface and its connection to the User Experience. Participants learned more about the WP7 Interface in particular which will prove to be valuable knowledge as their WP7 application development continues. Irina Meshkova, PR manager for Microsoft Russia, then took the stage to tackle the PR topic. Her presentation focused heavily on how to pitch a project to the media and what vital information to stress throughout the pitch. Each company will have the opportunity to put her words into action on Friday for demo day.

Development, development, and more

Following Irina’s presentation, the companies chose what to spend the rest of the afternoon working on. Konstantin led an afternoon full of UI/UX development, application design, and coding. Many of the companies have already created sketches of their app, and a few have even dropped prototypes after just a few days of work. While some participants worked on their UI/UX design, others spent the afternoon with Irina. The PR track allowed the companies to receive 1:1 PR consulting and coaching. Irina also videotaped each company who chose to participate and then helped to dissect their interviewing skills. Each of those participating companies will use that knowledge to put together a short company presentation for demo day. Both of these group sessions were fun and engaging and allowed for some great collaborative time.

MAW Moscow

Tom Halabi, EBT Microsoft, and Sergey Eremin, LSE Program Manager for Microsoft Russia, also offered a few 1:1 consultations with the companies. These sessions focused heavily on how to improve the pitches for demo day. The day finished off with a dinner where the companies from both tracks were able to come back together and discuss the day. Regardless of which track they chose, all the participants gained the knowledge they need to make a great WP7 app. Demo day promises to be an exciting one from such a diverse group of companies.

Check back tomorrow for an update on day three of MAW Moscow or stay tuned to Twitter for updates throughout the day. You can also find more general information about MAW on the homepage and application information here.