Mobile Acceleration Week travels to Moscow next week with another great group of startups joining the event. The companies range from an online job portal to a blood glucose tracking app to a social networking service. We are thrilled by not only the large number of participants but also by their diversity. We have some exciting plans for the week and can’t wait to see what these companies develop. Congratulations to all our Moscow startups! Here is a sampling of some of the great participants:


AlterGeo is the leading location-based mobile social networking service in Russia and the CIS. AlterGeo helps its users always know where their friends are and what they are doing, read other people’s opinions and recommendations, easily share their own impressions and photos with the others, as well as get discounts and other amazing bonuses in their favorite cafés, shops and other places. is a service for publishing great video moments and commenting on those videos in a social environment.

Fitting Reality

Fitting Reality brings innovation to the retail experience on a global scale through developing a virtual fitting room VIPodium. It’s a unique approach that leverages technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Windows Azure to address the most critical issues fashion industry faces today.


ITmozg owns and operates online job portal is a special website for technology and engineering professionals (Information Technology professionals), and the companies that seek to employ them. Our main mission is to help companies hire the most qualified IT professionals and to provide those professionals with the best job opportunities in their respective fields.


KwikPik is C2C communication service that helps passengers and taxi drivers find each other. The service is based on direct communication and gives passengers possibility to negotiate trip price before the ride and choose the best driver. KwikPik is powered by unique quality control engine and save passenger time and stress.


Memiana offers synchronization of phones on various OS and programs with automatic replication of the contact information of friends.


MobiPlaS develops and provides E-commerce and M-commerce payment solutions. MobiPlaS launched its own mobile payment service “PLATFON” ( PLATFON  allows its users to make all popular consumer payments (cellular, internet providers, utility payments, etc.), transfer money to other PLATFON users or bank accounts, and make payments through money transfer systems. This can all be done using our mobile application.


NormaSugar is an online service for tracking the state of patients with diabetes, all based on mobile and cloud technologies. This method allows monitoring of blood glucose levels of patients with diabetes constantly and  semi-automatically, and can also recommend the required dose of insulin according to the amount of carbohydrates in the food and burned in exercise.

Provectus IT

Provectus IT is a full service R&D vendor as well as a product company. As a product company, we have developed profitable & high quality software products such as Radio FM and Restaurant apps for white-labeling.


“Pryaniky” is a composition of the complete instruments for motivating employees. It includes gamification with virtual currency, badges and real prizes, holding creative competitions and polls, ratings, management of social package and business-lunches compensations, etc. The analytics about an employees’ skills and their relations is a bonus for effective talent management.


At Speaktoit we work on products and technologies that help users to communicate with technologies and devices in natural language. Our flagship product is Speaktoit Assistant ‐ a virtual buddy in smartphones that answers questions in natural language, performs tasks, and notifies about important events. The Assistant saves time and simplifies communication  with gadgets and web services.


Wheely is an aggregator for taxis, private hire and limousines.  Book your car from our mobile app, watch the car on the map and share your ride with your friends. Wheely is currently running in Moscow, Amsterdam, Brussles, and many other large cities.

As always, the event will be streamed live via Twitter. If Mobile Acceleration Week sounds interesting to you or someone you know, don’t forget to apply. Find out more about the application process here or on the MAW homepage.