Do you have a creative idea for a great Windows Phone application? Would you like to port your existing app or accelerate development of your current Windows Phone application? Mobile Acceleration Week provides a truly unique opportunity to meet with top technical and business development people at Microsoft, network with partners, and get exposure for your application.

MAW events are happening around the world in the next few months, and we are looking for more participants. Need some more convincing? Check out what some of the former participants had to say about their MAW experience:

  • “From what I’ve observed this week, Microsoft has been providing immeasurable resources to get this done.  We’re excited about the partnership.”
  • “Microsoft really helps people with hands-on support, one reason why we chose Windows Phone.”
  • “Our presence here reinforced our commitment to the Microsoft platform.”
  • “This event was extremely helpful.  We built our app in 175 hours, even with complicated back-end integration.”
  • “This week has been amazing.  We built the key features of the app in two days.”

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you or someone you know, email with the following information:

  • Name of company
  • Website
  • Contact information
  • Location of business
  • What unique Windows Phone 7 application are you developing?
  • Have you developed a mobile application before?

As always, you can find more information about MAW (including dates and locations) on the event homepage or Twitter.

Hope to see you there!