The final full day of MAW Helsinki brought the highly anticipated “Demo Day” for the startups. Each company had 5-10 minutes to present or demo their app in front of a panel of judges and show off all their hard work from the week. The day was a huge success with each company giving an impressive presentation, which made it very difficult for the judges to choose a winner. Check back tomorrow to find out who won “Demo Day”, and for a full recap of the day’s events.

Mobile Brain Bank presenting

The audience included members of the Finnish press

In the meantime, see what the some of the startups had to say about MAW:

“We had no Windows Phone development experience.  If we hadn’t been invited here, we probably wouldn’t have done an app for another year.”

“The support here has been very strong.  It was a great experience for our company.”

“Having absolutely no experience in Windows Phone, we managed to accomplish so much! Thanks for all the help here.”

“We got up to speed quickly because of this week.  We like what we see.”

Hear what the members of Wellness Foundry have to say about MAW “Demo Day”:

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