Soundtracker is a free, online music service that blends Internet radio, social networking and location awareness. The company attended the Mobile Acceleration Event in New York City last November.  Soundtracker worked hard to perfect their WP7 app for the market which was released on Marketplace late last November. The Soundtracker app makes it easy to discover and play the music that friends and neighbors are listening to. Users can even comment on friends’ stations, chat, check out the latest music, and more. The app allows access to any artist and any genre from the largest music catalog on Internet radio with more than 11M songs for free. Users can also create their own radio stations and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and check out over 5M lyrics.

Soundtracker was recently featured by Nokia’s developer program on YouTube. The three-minute video allows viewers access into the mind of Daniele Calabrese, the founder and CEO of the company. Calabrese calls Soundtracker the “first geo-social internet radio” and touches on the importance of the Microsoft and Nokia partnership. As a developer, Calabrese is taking full advantage of programs from both companies.

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