Media Friends attended the NYC Mobile Acceleration Week in November to build one of the top new apps on the Windows Phone platform. The company is a Social Hub empowering consumers to text, chat and tweet across multiple screens while engaging a company’s content, brand and advertisers. During MAW, the company aimed to create an app that would offer WP7 users a new way to keep in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. How does free texting sound? That’s right, this app would not only offer free texting (Real SMS) but also free Twitter and Facebook chat as well as picture messaging. The best part?  The service would not only be offered in the US, but also to 45 other countries from a real U.S. phone number, Worldwide Smartphone Messenger, Twitter, Facebook chat and more.

Two days ago, Media Friends released their new WP7 app, Heywire, and it offers everything they promised. From the free international texting to Twitter to Facebook, the app does not disappoint. The app was released to much praise by users and reporters alike. Heywire was recently featured in the MarketWatch section of the Wall Street Journal and had a record breaking download day.

Download Heywire from Marketplace today!