Location Labs, formerly WaveMarket, announced some exciting changes last week.  You may remember WaveMarket as our Mobile Incubation Week winner in Washington, D.C. last fall.  Their new Universal Location Service allows developers to locate 180+ million phones across tier-one carriers.  ULS promises to simplify the effort involved for developers to build across multiple operating systems and devices and gives an instant entry point into the feature phone space.

By tapping into the carrier networks, Location Labs offers a single remote API with no download required.  Location Labs is also launching a geo-fencing API that can trigger a notification if a friend is in the area.  The company plans to leverage its platform, already running AT&T’s Family Finder and Sprint’s Family Locator, to bring the same low-cost location service to developers.  Social apps might allow people to check in via SMS or mobile browsers, increasing the footprint beyond smartphones.

For more information or to sign up, visit the Location Labs website.