This week, Microsoft is featuring Motolingo, a Bizspark startup and Mobile Incubation Week finalist, in our pavilion at DEMO Spring in Palm Desert, CA.  For anyone at DEMO, come by the booth to meet Charles Nesser, Motolingo’s founder and CEO and get a demo of their latest application.

Motolingo – for Safer, Greener Roads

Motolingo is working to make our roads both safer and greener.  Motolingo’s mobile phone applications monitor mobile phone usage and use the data available from a car’s computers to diagnose engine failures and detect aggressive driving behaviors.

Motolingo’s mission is to use the wealth of information available from our cars’ computers to improve driver safety, prevent breakdowns and reduce operating costs, according to founder and CEO, Charles Nesser.

Nesser and his co-founder, Mitch Todd, combine extensive experience in the automotive industry and in software development. Nesser began his career with GM, the largest automotive manufacturer at the time, and later worked in Product Marketing and Management for Bosch, the largest automotive supplier.  He started out working on the OBDII systems (that turn on the Check Engine Light in today’s cars) and has managed telematics fleet tracking systems, On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) service tools, and vehicle simulators and test systems. Todd worked as a software engineer for ETAS, the developer of automotive diagnostic and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) tools.

Motolingo has developed a suite of applications for Windows Phones. The applications communicate with On-Board Communications Devices in 1996 and newer vehicles. They provide services for both the consumer and business markets – concerned parents and family members, as well as companies that want to protect their interests by mandating safe driving habits amongst their employees.

Motolingo launched its first product, MotoCarma, in February 2009. MotoCarma provides vehicle diagnostics. It helps reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by continuously monitoring a vehicle’s combustion quality through a wireless network connection from a mobile phone to a vehicle’s on-board computers. MotoCarma detects aggressive driving and overly aggressive accelerations that increase fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. According  to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds, translating to dramatically reduced fuel consumption and costs. With MotoCarma’s solution, when MotoCarma detects violations, it warns the driver by playing an audible chime on the driver’s mobile phone and records the results in an email report. Along with green monitoring, MotoCarma can also warn of engine overheating, speeding, low fuel level, and identify what caused a check engine light to illuminate.

Motolingo’s most recent product, MotoRiety, released to beta in September 2009, adds safeguards against distracted driving.  MotoRiety monitors Driving While Texting/Emailing/Phoning and delivers warnings to the driver as well as reports to a loved one or fleet manager.  Monitoring reports can be sent by email or by Twitter using the Street TweetTM feature.

Motolingo was one of six startups, chosen from an applicant pool of over 60 companies, to participate in the first Microsoft Mobile Incubation Week last April in Mountain View, CA.  You can see the new Free and Pro versions of MotoRiety in the Microsoft Pavilion at Demo Spring from March 22-23, 2010 in Palm Desert, CA.