Today features one of our Bizspark One companies, Ubitexx, as Startup of the Day.  I’ve invited Markus Mueller, CEO of Ubitexx, to share his thoughts on the industry.

Guest blogger Markus Mueller, CEO of Ubitexx

So finally the industry noticed that each working individual is also a consumer. The times are gone where IT departments decided which devices employees should use. Today young talents and senior executives ask for the device of their choice. And IT staff has to make sure that these devices are managed and secure. Wow… what a change within the enterprise system. Finally employees are true “internal customers” with demands and choices.

Of course this puts some pressure and stress on the IT departments. How are you going to handle a “device jungle” in your company. This seams like a security nightmare – not to speak from supporting all these different devices.

But there is good news for IT decision makers: The mobile software industry now offers scaleable and secure central management system software for multiple mobile operating systems. With these tools Chief Security Officers as well as CIO’s get back their sleep knowing that corporate security policies can be enforced on mobile devices. And: finally there is one place where IT and help-desk staff can inventory, view and manage all major smartphones through one console.

ubitexx is one of the pioneers in the Mobile Device Management space with it’s award winning product “ubi-Suite”. We spent several years as consultants in the mobile enterprise space before we created ubi-Suite – this is why our customers like our product so much: it was not created on a sketch-board but it was the result of more than 350 mobile projects.

So what comes next? What is the next big challenge for us – and improvement for our customers?

It seems that enterprises get more and more comfortable with mobile technologies. This is why more sensitive corporate data is being pushed to smartphones – like CRM or ERP data. This raises security concerns as well as questions about integration. Corporate networks are unique, even more so their enterprise software systems.

The security concern is the easy part – solutions like ours give the IT enough control to enforce all kinds of security policies and make sure that data is transmitted securely to the device. But what about the integration part? Here we can make use of a general IT market development: the cloud. has done a great pinoeer job in this area. So why not also move smartphones up into the cloud. They are location independent – so is the cloud. And it solves a lot of the mentioned integration issues.

Mobile Device Management would be a perfect first cloud-service for smartphones. This is why we just announced cloud-support for our product: “ubi-Suite Cloud”. We will use Microsoft’s cloud service platform “Windows Azure” to serve our customers all around the world because we believe in the scalability and security model as well as the marketing power of Microsoft.

So watch out for our “ubi-Suite Cloud” service offering – coming soon.