June 1-5 (Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London)

The deadline to apply for Mobile Incubation Week in Europe has been extended to May 10.  As a reminder, the event will be held at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place Office, Victoria, 1st – 5th June.

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To nominate your team, please submit the following details to Mobile Incubation Week:

  • Contact information
  • Location of Company
  • Size of company and year founded (if applicable)
  • Overview of your idea
  • Why you would like to participate
  • How your applications is unique to Windows Mobile *Note: please do not send confidential materials at this time as no NDA has been signed.

Applications will be judged according to the strength of the founding team, originality and creativity of the idea, and its uniqueness to Windows Mobile.

Questions?  Email Mobile Incubation Week.