Thanks to everyone who applied for our first Mobile Incubation Week April 13-17 in Mountain View, CA.  The applicant pool was outstanding, with over 50 applications.  Tomorrow, we’ll be kicking off an intensive, week-long development workshop along with our top developers, MVPs, OEMs, bloggers, press, and other mobile industry folks.

The six finalists are:

o Networks in Motion– Plans to build a mobile app that offers turn-by-turn directions and hyper-local search

o DJ Nitrogen– building an application to facilitate the legal sharing of user-generated content, such as ringtones and music mash-ups

o VoiceMuffler– App will enable real-time, two-way speech-to-speech translation designed for foreign military personnel and civilian travelers

o Motolingo– Telematics solution that will monitor car diagnostics and report mobile phone behavior in the car

o VisTracks– Plans to build an enterprise app for real-time product location and tracking company shipments

o BrightKite – Extending their current  location-based social networking tool to Windows Mobile

Stay tuned to this blog for further information about the week’s event.  We’ll also be posting updates on Twitter and our Windows Mobile blog below.  Good luck to all the participants!

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