The Microsoft CRM team will be hosting their 2nd CRM Incubation Weekin Boston, MA, April 20-24.

The current economic downturn is putting many entrepreneurs under increasing pressure, making it critical to find new resources and ways to reduce costs and inefficiencies. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week is designed to offer following assistance to entrepreneurs:

1. Learning and building next generation business solution on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform(a rapid application development platform to reduce the cost and Go-To-Market time) with help of on-site advisors (Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts).

2. Getting entrepreneurs coaching from a panel of industry experts (academic and angel investors)

3. Generating marketing buzz for their ideas

Similar to Mobile Incubation Week, the event consists of ½ day of training, 3 ½ days of active prototype/development time, and a final day for packaging/finishing and reporting out to a panel of judges for various prizes. This event is a no-fee event (plan your own travel expenses) and each team can bring 3 participants (1 business and 1-2 technical). To nominate your team, please submit the following details to Sanjay Jain. Nominations will be judged according to the strength of the founding team, originality and creativity of the idea, and ability to leverage CRM as a Platform.

For additional information, please visit: 2nd CRM Incubation Week.