April 13-17 (Mountain View, CA)

Have a great idea for a mobile application? Want to be one of the first apps featured on Windows Marketplace for Mobile?

Microsoft is sponsoring the first-ever “Mobile Incubation Week” to help startups incubate outstanding ideas. The first event will be held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, CA April 13-17. Other events are being scheduled to follow in Europe and Asia.

The event will feature technical gurus from Microsoft, technology veterans who have built their own Windows Mobile applications, and influential venture capitalists and industry experts. Our developers will lead interactive discussions, provide helpful advice, and facilitate actual application development on the Windows Mobile platform. At the end of the week, we’ll select a winner who will be eligible for prizes and special PR opportunities.

The event is a no-fee event (plan your own travel expenses), and each team can bring up to three participants (one business and 1-2 technical). All startups are eligible, whether or not you have a mobile application built today. The only requirement is that you’re planning to develop a new application on Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5.

Spots are limited. To nominate your team, please submit the following details to Mobile Incubation Week:

· Contact information

· Geography: North America, Europe, Asia

· Size of company and year founded (if applicable)

· Overview of your idea

· Why you’d like to participate

· How your application is unique to Windows Mobile

· *Note: please do not send confidential materials at this time as no NDA has been signed

Applications will be judged according to the strength of the founding team, originality and creativity of the idea, and uniqueness to Windows Mobile. The deadline for applications for the Mountain View event is March 20 so get your applications in today!

Questions? Email Mobile Incubation Week.