For those of you searching for a last-minute gift idea for the holidays, here’s a winner that is sure to be a hit with your friends and loved ones: Kinoma Play. This “mobile media browser” built exclusively for Windows Mobile, allows you to play video, audio, and pictures, whether the content is on the phone, home PC, or web services such as YouTube, Flickr, Live 365, and Audible. More than just a media player, Kinoma Play is a new way to discover, search, and play mobile media. The search engine allows you to download media without having to go through a mobile browser or file explorer.

Who needs a media browser? Kinoma has created a compelling media experience by aggregating what users want to search for in an easy to use, fast, and attractive interface. Everything from the search experience to the media rendering has been optimized for the mobile environment, taking into account the screen size, processor speed, and data connection.

The application turns the often tedious process of searching multiple websites for desired content into a playful, fun experience that encourages further browsing, facilitates easy access to recently viewed content, and makes it a snap to share content with friends. Everyone from the hardcore video fanatic to the casual music lover will benefit from Kinoma Play’s easy-to-use interface and powerful rendering capabilities. I’ve been using Kinoma Play for two months and have changed the way I think about searching and viewing media on my Windows Mobile phone.

Kinoma Play was recently endorsed in this review from Walt Mossberg in the WSJ: “After almost a week with this application, I changed the way I thought about on-the-go Web browsing for media. I forgot about typical browser functions like typing a Web site’s name into a URL bar and instead did plenty of things online with my portable device without deliberately thinking about being online.”

If you’d like to try it yourself, the free version of Kinoma Play is available here. The premium version is available for $29.99.

Kinoma was founded by a team of ex-Apple engineers (Peter Hoddie, Brian Friedkin, and Michael Kellner) who architected QuickTime and built foundation technologies for key Apple products from Final Cut to iTunes. By partnering with Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Accelerator program for start-ups, Kinoma has deepened development ties with Windows Mobile and improved distribution. This month, Kinoma Play is a featured download on the Windows Mobile Total Access site.